1990 Mrs. Novak's 5th Grade Class

This is a picture of Mrs. Novak's fifth grade class on the last day of school in 1990. These students graduated in 1997. This picture was given to us from Kelli D'Agnese.

Back row: Jessica Kuzak, Kelly Bunn, Carlie Polly, Billy Akers, Crystal Ritenaur, Kelli D'Agnese, Larry Thomas, Tina Pohuliaj, Jessica Close, Jenny Gentzel, Charity Bowen; 2nd row Kamita Thomas, Tracy Roberts, Cindy Winchell;

Front row: Jerry Bandell, Marty Fackler, Wes Miller, Juan Cespedes, Robby Collier, Roger Martinez, Jr., Heider, Ricky Burgett, Dave Toomey.

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