1921 Foster Park School

This is a picture of Foster Park School from 1921. Foster Park School was located on the corner of Cooper Foster Park Road and Lake Avenue where Sutton's Tire Center now stands. Mr. Otto Kerstner, a 1934 graduate of Clearview donated this photo.

Below is a list of names from the Pupil List of the school from that year:

Harvey Eschtruth

Emma Sebolt

Newton Straw

Furman Stewart

Minnie Witter

Rosalie Down

Pearl Smith

Olie Miller

John Downey

Joseph Downey

Flossie Moulton

Mamie Witter

Lovella John

Harry John

Earl Speigelberg

Edna Speigelberg

Marie Schmitkons

Hattie Down

Ora Down

Luella Cotton

Elmer Sill

Saphronia Monbleau

Floyd Richards

Vivia Delaney

Jessie Miller

Herman Miller

Harold Butman

Estella Miller

Louise Monbleau

Leon Cotton

Gerald Foote

Milton Obitts

Claria Eschtruth

Guilford Herrick

Grace Smith

Carl Schmitkons

Sherbert Delaney

Herbert Ross

Nellie Straw

Lillie Witter

Earl Straw

Nora Lashell

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