2012 Ohio Statehouse and Supreme Court Trip

On Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012, 40 CHS Juniors and Seniors attended a field trip to the Ohio Statehouse and the Ohio State Supreme Court in Columbus, Ohio. The trip was partially funded by a transportation grant received by Mrs. Ternes from the Ohio State Supreme Court.  Before having a guided tour of the Statehouse, students were met by their State Senator, Gayle Manning and State Representative, Dan Ramos.  Sen. Manning introduced the students and teachers on the floor of the Senate before the Senate went on recess. After lunch, the students toured the Ohio State Supreme Court where they had a guided tour of the courtroom, where the Justices hear and decide cases, and also had the opportunity to debate actual cases that have been decided by the Court. While on the trip students had the opportunity to get a hands-on look at our state government in action, as well as seeing the beautiful art and architecture in our government buildings. Students were reminded several times that the Statehouse is “their house”-meaning that it belongs to all the people of Ohio. This trip gave students the opportunity to have fun and to have a very educational opportunity.