2012 Mrs. West's Pre-AP English's Products

English 10 Pre-AP students are currently reading Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God. One of the main characters, Joe Starks, is the mayor of Eatonville. He is influential amongst his town folks, owns the only store in town, and is very controlling over his beautiful wife. To enhance student knowledge of Joe Starks, groups of students were asked to create a unique product to sell to him. This product was complimented with a pamphlet that described and advertised the product and their “company.” When students presented their products to the class, they had to also provide a rationale addressing why they thought the product would appeal to Joe. One product was then selected to be sold in the town store. This year’s product ideas were: Vixen Vodoo Kit (which was the winning product), Lotions and Potions, The 3 in 3 Ready Tea, Ageless Bag, Housekeeping for Women (book), and Mama’s Lil Helpa’ All-in-one Cleaner.