2012 Mrs. Brock’s Parachute Lab


On May 4, 2012, Mrs. Brock’s physical science classes conducted a lab experiment to determine if an object dropped vertically would land quicker than an object tossed horizontally.

Since it wouldn't be much fun to just drop more baseballs, and the weather was supposed to be beautiful, students were instead asked to create a parachute for the experiment that would be dropped from the football bleachers! Students were also challenged to design the most effective parachute in their class.

The winners of the challenge are pictured below and are as follows: Kevin Dembek and Logan Payne, Hailey Fulk and Brenna Hancock, Aaron Alston and Emily Moore, Molly VanHorn and Samantha Hatfield, & Brittany Rollins and Caitlin Gunter.