Mrs. Naro and Mrs. Pataky's 3rd Grade Class Fosters Chicks

Mrs. Naro and Mrs. Pataky’s third grade students became foster parents to a clutch of three chickens.  Students helped set up an incubator, watched and maintained the perfect temperature. After 21 days three chicks hatched.  They were placed in a brooder and fed special grain, hard boiled eggs and given lots of attention.  The project, “The Incredible Egg” was supplied by the OSU 4-H Extension Office. Miss Lottie Boyd, an advisor with the Royal Renegades 4-H Club, taught lessons about the eggs, chicks and set up the equipment.  Students looked through books to identify that bantam and leghorn chicks hatched.  They are hoping to see the chicks all grow up at the Lorain County Fair this August.