Congratulations to the following teachers who have been named Durling Teacher of the Month:

September 2007  

Mrs. Amy Jackson

Mrs. Amy Jackson is an 8th grade reading teacher at Durling Middle School.  She has been at Durling for 2 years; she has been teaching for 21 years.  Throughout her teaching career, Mrs. Jackson has also taught in Sandusky and Wellington.  She has taught Preschool, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 4th grade, and 6th grade.

Mrs. Jackson graduated from Bowling Green State University.

Mrs. Jackson has been married to her husband, Brian, for 23 years.  They have 2 children.  Her oldest child, Jennifer, is 19 years old and attends Kent State University; Zachary is 13 years old and is in the 7th grade at Firelands.

Educational Philosophy:

Mrs. Jackson believes every child is important!  Teachers and parents must work together to support their educational well being.

October 2007  

Mrs. Cheryl Suppa

Mrs. Cheryl Suppa is currently a 6th grade reading teacher at Durling Middle School.  Mrs. Suppa taught for Lorain City Schools prior to coming to the Clearview Local Schools.  In addition to being a reading teacher, Mrs. Suppa has also taught social studies and language arts.

Mrs. Suppa has a Business degree.  She also has a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in teaching.

Mrs. Suppa’s interests include the love of being outdoors whether it is walking, camping, or playing tennis.  She also loves to draw and read.

Educational Philosophy

Mrs. Suppa’s educational philosophy is to encourage and motivate all students to do their best and to look forward to a bright future.  READING IS EVERYTHING!

November 2007  

Mr. Jason Steadman

Mr. Jason Steadman is currently a 7th grade Intervention Specialist at Durling Middle School.  Mr. Steadman is in his third year of teaching for the Clearview Local School District. 

Mr. Steadman received his undergraduate degree from Cleveland State University in Physical Education.  He returned to C.S.U. to obtain his Master’s degree in Special Education.

Mr. Steadman enjoys sports of all kinds.  He has been a coach for both Durling and Clearview High School.  He has been a varsity coach for wrestling and cross country.  He has also coached middle school football, wrestling, and cross country.


Educational Philosophy

Mr. Steadman’s educational philosophy is that throughout the process of education, there will be instances of success as well as moments of failure, but as educators we build on those moments of success and help students learn from the tasks in which they fail. 

December 2007  

Mrs. Cindy Schaffer

Cindy Schaffer is an Intervention Specialist at Durling Middle School.  She is one of few teachers who teach all grade levels (5-8) in the building.  Mrs. Schaffer is in her 29th year of education...all of which have been with the Clearview Local Schools.


Mrs. Schaffer received her undergraduate degree from Kent State University.  She received her master’s degree from Marygrove College.


Mrs. Schaffer’s husband (Rick) is a Clearview graduate whom she met when she was teaching at Vincent School.  Thanks, Clearview!


Educational Philosophy

“I believe that my job is to teach my students to live without me!  I have to give them the skills to be independent!

January 2008  

Mr. Andrew Brezina

Mr. Andrew Brezina is currently an 8th grade Social Studies teacher at Durling Middle School. Mr. Brezina is in his 40th year of teaching. Thats right! He has been an enthusiastic and very energetic teacher for 40 years. He started teaching in 1968.

Mr. Brezina has a B.S. in Education. He has a double major of Comprehensive Social Studies and General Buisness.

In addition to teaching 7th and 8th grade Social Studies, Mr. Brezina has also taught Economics, Government, American History, World History, and Civics.

Mr. Brezina enjoys teaching in the school system where his mother, aunts, and uncles attended. Mr. Brezina says that the students and parents have been great.

Educational Philosophy

Mr. Brezina believes all students can learn if they are willing to make an honest effort. The school environment and classroom environment are critical to learning. Through the years he has learned his main job is not to teach material, but rather to get students to THINK.

March 2008

Mrs. Sandy Warner

Mrs. Sandy Warner is a 5th grade Math teacher at Durling Middle School.  She has been teaching for 35 years.  She received her undergraduate degree from Cleveland State University and her Master’s degree from Mt. St. Joseph.

Mrs. Warner has been teaching in the Clearview district for 29 years.  She taught in the Cleveland Catholic Diocese for 6 years.  In addition to teaching math, Mrs. Warner has taught reading, science, and language arts.

Educational Philosophy

Mrs. Warner believes that all children are able to achieve in a positive learning environment.  She feels it is her responsibility, as a teacher, to provide this positive environment.  This includes her modeling of appropriate treatment and respect of others.  It also includes modeling such values as integrity, honesty, respect, responsibility, and reliability.

Mrs. Warner also believes that learning best occurs when teachers and students work together with their parents.  Through this collaborative effort to work together, learning experiences will become meaningful to each student and will keep the student involved in their education.

Finally, as a veteran teacher, she believes that her constant growth and professional development is necessary to lead our children into their future—prepared in their quest for knowledge.

Mrs. Warner also feels that the growth of Clearview as a great district over her years of service has been tremendous.  Keep up the good work!

April 2008

Ms. Angela Sipsock

Angela Sipsock is the teacher of the month for April 2008.  Angela is currently the 5th and 6th grades physical education teacher and the 7th and 8th grades Health teacher.  She has been teaching for 13 years. 

Angela received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cleveland State University.

Besides teaching for the great Clearview Local Schools, Angela has also taught at St. Anthony of Padua in Parma, Ohio.  She taught there for 2 years.

Educational Philosophy

Angela strives to provide an environment that fosters leaning and sharing of knowledge and experiences by all.  She believes each student will be given the opportunity to find success and learn their strengths so they will have a healthy lifestyle today and throughout their lifetime.