Vincent Pumpkin Decorating Contest

The V.I.P. at Vincent Elementary sponsored a class pumpkin decorating contest. Each homeroom was given a large pumpkin to decorate, and the results were amazing! The creative minds of the teachers and students at Vincent went far beyond what any V.I.P. members had anticipated.
One pumpkin was selected from each grade level. Parents and other visitors on hand for the school’s annual Halloween Parade on October 31, 2006, took part in the voting process.
Congratulations to the following pumpkin decorating contest winners:
Kindergarten: Mrs. Lilly’s class
First Grade:  Mrs. Groboske class
Second Grade: Mrs. Lachman’s class
Third Grade:  Mrs. Naro’s class
Fourth Grade: Mrs. Koerber’s and Mrs. Reinhart’s classes
Again, congratulations to Vincent’s pumpkin decorating contest winners, and the V.I.P. thanks them for their enthusiasm!

Below, are a few pictures of some of the pumpkins: