Clearview Jr. High School

Honor Society

Congratulations to the following students whom have exemplified outstanding academics, character, service, citizenship, and leadership qualities. These students were newly inducted on May 8, 2003. Once again, congratulations!

NJHHS Advisor,

Marci Southard


Below is a list of members:

Eighth Graders

Brittany Carman

Jenny Ryan

Leah Varner

Linh Nguyen

Bethany Naro

Tim Forthofer

Hannah Duffield

Kyle Webber

Sharlet Bihn

Aaron Oswalt

Melissa Davisson



Seventh Graders

Jon Bill

Courtney Carter

Morgan McCartney

Sarah Scheithauer

Mercedez Thompson

Matt Williams

Jamie Rivera

Garon Watson

Jillian Shimo

Mercadies Pettyjohn

Emily Murphy

Adam Irrizarry