On March 26th, the National Honor Society hosted the 2nd Annual Star Search in the CHS auditorium.

Click on the links below to see images of the event. If you click on the images below labeled as movies, you can see streaming videos from the event.
(Note: the movies will require the Quicktime Plugin, and they take a bit of time to download, especially with a 56K modem.)

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Modeling, Round 1 Movie
Modeling, Round 2 Movie
Modeling, Round 3 Movie
Student Band "Room for Rent" Movie
Staff Band "Adam and the Staff" Movie
Student Drumline Movie
Brionna's Movie
Mrs. Molnar's Movie
Carly's Movie
Mrs. Molina's Movie
"Trash Talk" Movie
Summer Lovin' Movie
Mrs. JoDIVA Young's Movie
Courtney's Movie
Mr. Jenning's Movie
Student Dancers' Movie
Staff Dancers' Movie