The Math Department once again sponsored "π Day" this year.

Since March 14 or 3/14 fell on a Sunday this year, CHS celebrated it a bit early on Friday, March 12, 2004.

Students bought tickets for 25¢ each and choose which teacher who they would like see get a pie in the face. The top three money-makers "won" the opportunity to get hit with the pie! All money collected will be used to make a math scholarship for one lucky senior.

"Winners" this year were:

3rd Place: $29.05 - Mr. Little
2nd Place: $54.65 - Mr. Nikiforow
1st Place: $100.35 - Mrs. Lopatkovich

In an insteresting turn of events this year, Mr. Little and Mr. Nikiforow both offered to pay just as much money as they had earned to be able to hit pies in the student's faces!

Here are some pictures from the event: