On Nov. 11, 2003, an assembly was held to honor the veterans of our country. We were privileged to have veterans Mr. Mack Paynter (WWII), Mr. Steve Lawson (Gulf War), and Mr. Gene Pall (WWII) share stories with us. Staff Sergeant Breitenbach and Staff Sergeant Allen of the Marine Corps also participated in the ceremonies. A proclamation, honoring CHS graduate and Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, Charles J. Berry, was read as well.
Mr. Hauck introduced the day's activities.
The Presenting of the Colors
CHS Band members played the National Anthem.
Mr. Mack Paynter, WWII veteran, shared some of his memories of World War II.
Mr. Steve Lawson, Gulf War veteran, explained what the war was like from his point of view.
Mr. Gene Pall, WWII veteran and P.O.W., explained to students a little of what life was like for him as a prisoner.
Mrs. Molina read a poem and explained to students who Charles Berry was and what he did for our country.
A proclamation declaring Nov. 11, 2003, "Charles J. Berry Day" at Clearview was read.
This picture is of a wreath, picture, and flag, displayed in memory of Charles Berry.