A spectacular event occurred on May 9th at CHS!

The National Honor Society hosted a Star Search in the new CHS auditorium.

Who knew about all the talent that resides in our school?

Click on the links below to see images of the event. If you click on the images below labeled as movies, you can see streaming videos from the event. (Note: the movies will require the Quicktime Plugin, and they take a bit of time to download, especially with a 56K modem.)

Star Search Page 2

Mr. Novak  Movie

"Mr. E" Movie
Mrs. Young's Solo Movie
Courtney's Solo Movie
Dalene's Solo Movie
Coakley's Stand-Up Movie
Molina's Solo Movie
Molnar's Solo Movie
Mr. Jennings Movie
Dominic's Stand-Up Movie
Students' Line Dance Movie
Trumpet Duet Movie
Carly's Solo Movie
Fashion Show Movie
The Staff Infection Movie